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Zhenjiang Gardermoen Intelligent Power Technology Co.,Ltd. a joint venture enterprise funded by UK Gardermoen Electric, is mainly engaged in production, R&D and sales of low voltage busbar trunking systems with a total investment of USD 20 million.

The plant buildings cover an area of 15,000 square meters. The products include LX compact busbar, LK air insulation busbar, LF epoxy resin casting busbar and LB small power busbar and can fully meet the demands of different customers in various operating environments.

Why choose Gardermoen?

Energy conservation

Under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction, the energy consumption units have stronger energy-saving awareness.

Social responsibility

Our company is responsible for the interested party including staff, users, partners, community and government, natural environment and descendants, and has been certified to SA8000.


The products have passed many testing and certifications by domestic and foreign authorities, such as China CCC compulsory certification, China energy-saving product certification, international market-recognized ASTA, KEMA certification, CE certification, VOC certification, etc.

About Gardermoen Intelligent Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

Zhenjiang Galle Smart Power Technology Co., Ltd. (security abbreviation: Galle Shares, stock code: 838232) is a Sino-British joint venture high-tech enterprise. The medium and low voltage industrial park constructed according to the national industrial tourism demonstration zone covers an area of ​​46600 square meters. The new-type smart energy R & D and production demonstration park covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters and is a professional R & D and production base for electric power equipment.
The product series mainly include: box-type substations, box-type opening and closing stations, ring network cabinets, outdoor pole switches, low-voltage bus ducts, a full range of cast bus ducts, etc., which can fully meet the power supply needs of different customers in various use environments.
The company is mainly for the Chinese, Asia-Pacific and European markets. Its products have passed a number of testing certifications from domestic and foreign authoritative organizations, such as China CCC mandatory certification, international market recognized ASTA, KEMA certification, etc .; and passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management System, OHSAA18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
The company takes "do not fake and do no evil" as the core value of the company, and uses the "craftsmanship spirit" as a guide, continuously innovates and progresses, and has obtained dozens of core technology patents to achieve the industrialization, process, professionalization and large-scale production of integrated smart electrical products . The company provides customers with professional, reliable and safe electrical power transmission and distribution integration solutions with internationally leading product technology, processing technology, quality management and perfect service system.


We gather wisdom to start the era,

Focus on the power electrical equipment business,

Do thorough consideration and guard silently.

High-quality products and services.

The more customers think, lead the market demand.


We gather the wisdom to start the era,

focus on the cause of electrical equipment safety,

do thorough consideration, and guard silently.

Zhenjiang Gardermoen Intelligent Power Technology Co.,Ltd.& Performance

Now the sales service management center has been established in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang to meet the domestic and foreign customers' demands on the solutions to high-quality busbar Our company owns a well-trained project management and after-sales service team, and provides all-around and high-standard service for customers.

We always pay attention to every demand of customers;
We participate in every project with a global view and an open and cooperative attitude;
Our first-rate R&D team provides prospective and personalized design for your project owing to more than ten invention patents every year;
Our high-quality engineers and technicians can provide all-around and professional solutions to your project;
The efficient and high-quality products are provided for your project by virtue of the modern management and equipment;
Our service network all over the country can provide timely and considerate service for your project;
In a word, "we will take actions to meet your needs"!

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