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LX compact type busbar trunking system


LX compact type busbar trunking system

  • Bus current level: 400A~6300A
  • Plug-in unit rated current: 16A~1250A
  • Rated working voltage: 1000V
  • Protection level: IP54, IP66
  • Products comply with GB7251.2 and IEC61439-6
  • Warranty period: 12 months


  • Sandwich structure, full length and dense
  • Electrostatic powder coating on the surface of the casing for 1800 hours of smoke detection
    Insulation material is Class B 130 degrees Celsius DuPont polyester film, harmless and environmentally friendly
  • High-purity conductor, full-length tin or silver, highly conductive, resistant to oxidation and corrosion
  • Has the highest short-circuit bearing strength in the industry
  • Non-standard current is established on the basis of international current, and the power distribution scheme is better.
  • Protection level up to IP66


  • Shopping mall, high rise building, intelligent building, gym, industrial plant, hospital and so on.