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If you still have questions, please let us know by sending an email to support@gardermoen.com. Thank you!

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With the core values of “not making fakes and not doing evil”, we will continue to innovate and make progress with the guidance of “artisan spirit”.

Government infrastructure

Shenyang New World International Convention and Exhibition Center Zhengzhou Xinzheng…

Real Estate

Yangzhou Global Financial City Tianjin Shenfu Insurance Industrial Park Vanke…

Commercial Building

Zhengzhou Greenland Central Square Beiting Lanting-Shangpin Business Liaoning Zhuozhan Shopping…


Kazakhstan Gas Pipeline Shanxi Xinfa Chemical Qinghai Petroleum Building

Zhenjiang Gardermoen Intelligent Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our service network all over the country can provide timely and considerate service for your project; In a word, "we will take actions to meet your needs"!